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Recording & Bit Depth in 32-bit environments

Dec 02 2013 | 1:22 pm

hello! i’ve encountered a DSP problem i can’t logically work through. i’m recording instruments with a hardware interface running at 96Khz/24-bit. for the recording process, ableton live 9 (32 bit) is set to 96Khz/24-bit.

given that:
-my instrument recordings are 96Khz/24-bit
-live 9 is set to 96Khz/24-bit
-live 9’s internal processing operates at 32-bit

when i internally process the recorded audio in live 9 with a setting of 32-bit depth (up from the recorded setting of 24-bit), am i introducing distortion into the signal from turning Bit Depth upwards and operating on the 24-bit samples with DAW/plugin processing at 32-bit?

please let me know if i can clarify my question.

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