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Relatively Cheap/Powerful Windows Machine for Max/MSP

Jul 23 2010 | 1:50 am

Hello All,

I’m thinking of releasing some of my work as donationware and would like it to work on windows and mac. I have previously tried putting windows on my mac but it didn’t run particularly well and for some reason I couldn’t use my soundcard (focusrite saffire).

Anyway, I’d like to run Max/MSP on the machine and use it for building the applications and perhaps some platform specific tweaking. It might be handy to have a half decent graphics card too, as I envisage delving in to Jitter at some point.

I don’t have an exact budget yet but imagine it to be somewhere in the region of £400. I don’t really fancy building one as I have enough on my hands at the moment. I’ve been looking on here for pre built machines

Also, do I have to worry about operating systems? How does Max run on the XP/Vista/7? And do I want 32 or 64 bit?

Finally, I think I don’t think I need a laptop as I’ve already got one, but is there any case for one in this instance?



Jul 26 2010 | 2:50 pm

don’t waste your time and money.
If you are using a Mac with an intel pcu most likely your stuff will port to PC without issue.
Max runs fine on XP/Vista/W7 but is much happier on a Mac from what I see, crashes less.
Unless you are planning on using additional software that will utilise a 64bit architecture, there is no advantage to running Max on anything other than 32bit windows.
Surely you know someone with a PC that can run checks for you?
It’s really not worth spending £400 to check patches; unless you have money to burn.

Jul 26 2010 | 3:22 pm

yes but i can’t build a bloody windows version on a mac can i?

in any case, i miss windows and would like a machine of my own.

Jul 26 2010 | 9:23 pm

i bought a used IBM ThinkPad T60 with Pen4 for $400 five years ago,
and i still use it as my main machine. it’s a laptop.
i don’t know the pricing now but probably around $50~100 today i guess.

i don’t use Jitter at all so i can’t comment on that,
but as far as max and msp are concerned, it works fine with no huge frustration.

Jul 28 2010 | 10:44 am

yes, by used, if you are going to buy at all, look on ebay for a used/refurbished Dell Inspiron/Studio etc., you should be able to pick up something perfectly adequate for no more than £200. Even the cheapest bare bones system at OC’s gets pricey once you add on the required extras.

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