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November 14, 2012 | 3:44 pm

My return to Max after four years is exciting. When I saw it last it was 4.6. Max 6 is super. The new interface was confusing at first but now it is a good friend. Happily most of my 4.6 objects and patches still work. The one’s that didn’t proved easy to fix. I had a large collection of great third-party objects that still work or have been updated. There are many exciting new tools available through the toolbox and this list. One that I used on several projects in that previous life is Randy Jones’ Render Node. It was/is great for complex graphics because it facilitated high quality rendering in non-real time. The version I have seems to be 0.51 from 2006. I still find Randy’s tracks but, so far, no link to an updated download. Any pointers?

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