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Request: jbox_get_arguments or such

Apr 11 2010 | 9:25 pm

This is how we’re currently getting the arguments for a (non-bpatcher) patcher:

if(buf = (t_atombuf *)((t_jbox *)box)->b_binbuf) {
if(buf->a_argc) args = atomarray_new(buf->a_argc, buf->a_argv);

I don’t much like that direct access to t_jbox struct members – can we perhaps have an official convenience method to avoid being dependent on t_jbox implementation details? Would be nice if it worked for bpatchers too, thanks.

Apr 12 2010 | 6:42 pm

Patchers have an arguments attribute which you can use.

Dec 23 2010 | 5:56 pm

it’s definitely there! but I can’t read it… I tried to cast it to everything I could imagine it, but I had no luck…

merry xmas to everyone

Dec 23 2010 | 8:13 pm

+1. Joshua, you mean something like:

object_attr_getvalueof(box, gensym("args"), &argc, &argv);

This only works for bpatchers. I’ve also been using direct access access to jbox struct members for patchers.

Dec 23 2010 | 9:06 pm

Hmmm. perhaps you are looking at the box and not the patcher itself. Something like the following might be of assistance (web browser coding, so apologies for any typos):

t_atom *av=NULL;
long ac = 0;
t_object *patcher=NULL;

object_obex_lookup((t_object *)x,gensym("#P"),&patcher);
if (patcher) {
    if (ac&&av) {
        // do something with ac/av

However, here’s what patcherargs does (post patcher loadbang):

box = object_attr_getobj(x->parent, _sym_box); // x->parent is the parent patcher
if (!box)
	object_method(x->parent, _sym_getassoc, &box);	// this how we get a poly~ (as opposed to bpatcher or patcher)
box_classname = object_classname(box);

if(box_classname == gensym("bpatcher") || box_classname == gensym("poly~")) {
	object_attr_getvalueof(box, gensym("args"), &size, &pargv);
	argv = pargv; // save real pointer since newobj case increments argv -jkc
} else if(box_classname == gensym("newobj")){
	textfield = object_attr_getobj(box, gensym("textfield"));			// bpatcher -- textfield is null
	object_method(textfield, gensym("gettextptr"), &text, &textlen);
	atom_setparse(&size, &pargv, text);
	argv = pargv; // save real pointer since newobj case increments argv -jkc

Hope this helps. Sorry I don’t have time to test all this in various cases or get into further detail.

Happy holidays!


Dec 23 2010 | 10:47 pm

Thank you very much, this is perfect!

Just one question, to avoid future trouble: I must free the atoms I get from object_attr_getvalueof, right? (I guess this is why you save the real argv pointer…)


Dec 24 2010 | 1:53 am

Yes. Same for atom_setparse().

These functions let you pass in memory if you don’t want the function to allocate memory, but it is actually rarely done.


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