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ReWire Playback Glitch With Logic Pro

Apr 13 2009 | 4:35 pm


I’ve successfully got Max connected via ReWire to the newest version of Logic Pro. MIDI going from Logic To Max, eight stereo audio channels going from Max into Logic.

The problem I’m having is that even in the reduced latency"High Performance" mode, when I play back a sequence from the start of bar one or two, no notes reach Max until about 3 quarter notes in, at which point all the notes which should have triggered by then suddenly sound in a loud burst.

This is really strange to me as that during that initial period when notes are being delayed, MIDI can be sent from my keyboard through Logic into Max, triggering notes with no issue or delay. So the problem seems to lie somewhere out of reach, in the behavior of Logic’s ReWire driver.

Attempting to find a workaround, since my keyboard-generated, live MIDI can travel through Logic into Max during this period, I created an Instrument object in Logic’s Environment, wired it into the ReWire object, and then feed the tracks MIDI output into this chain. Sadly, the exact same timing issue was present.

Unless someone supplies a fix here, my only other possible solution for this (Short of a new, bug-fixing version of Logic being released) would be to find some other way of getting MIDI from Logic into Max while still using Rewire for audio. I’ve tried the IAC driver but the timing was amazingly terrible.

Any idea what’s going on with these issues? Any suggested strategies/techniques?

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

Apr 14 2009 | 12:54 am

You may have answered this question, but have you tried turning delay compensation off? Maybe this will help.

Also, have you tried setting the playback to start later. Maybe drag all of your reagions to start on bar 4 or something? Maybe there is some sort of ‘buffering’ going on. Also, maybe try fiddling with turning Universal Input monitoring on/off.

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