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rgb for jit.window

Apr 28 2011 | 11:57 am

Hi all,
I’ve recently found (through a tutorial) that you can send the "bgcolor $1 $2 $3 $4" message to an lcd to play with the rgb and create colors.
Anyone knows how you can do that with jitter? I want to project it live, say through a ‘jit.window’ object.

Thanks in advance,

Apr 28 2011 | 1:22 pm

Sort of, what you are looking for is jit.lcd.

Harder to use but does what you need. The most important thing to remember is that because it’s a matrix the drawing doesn’t happen on screen. You send it all of the proper drawing commands and then a bang to output the matrix on each frame.

Apr 28 2011 | 8:59 pm

Cheers thanks,
I have to read through the help file to figure out how it works.

Apr 29 2011 | 5:49 pm

Yeah, that help patcher is comprehensive but it’s also a pain. Here’s something to get you started.

-- Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. --

May 04 2011 | 7:20 pm

That works perfectly!
Do I have to send the ‘pensize’ and ‘linesegment’ messages? Cause all I want is just colors changing, without any figures inside. What I did was to zero the values in these two message boxes and add a $1 $2 $3 to the ‘brgb’ message, to play with it. But just by itself it wouldn’t work.
Anyway, thanks again, you really helped me.

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