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rtcmix~ general use hints

Mar 11 2009 | 9:33 am

I’m now working on a score that will use dozens of rtcmix~ scripts.
Before I go too far on it I would like to know what is the best strategy.

Is it better to have many rtcmix~ instances with specific script(s) embedded inside or to have just a few of them with many texts or messages sent to them.
It seems that any rtcmix~ instance not running has no cpu load and thus doesn’t need to be muted. Even with audio coming in. Am I right?

On the other hand using few instances with text or messages scripts sent, seems safer but the process of pasting inside texedit or message boxes affects both work flow and readability, because of extra "" and "," to be inserted by hand with no right of mistake, otherwise crash…

Any users thoughts very welcome here.

Thanks a lot.

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