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rtin object unstable when minimizing/restoring windows on OSX :P

Nov 09 2011 | 6:25 pm

Not tested in Microsoft Windows.

Im working on a gate to control MIDI clock and all is working perfect, but if I minimize or restore any MAX window, midi clock timing get messed, then it recovers.

I tried the simplest patch, just a "rtin" connected to a "midiout"

-- Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. --

The genie effect seems to affect more than the scale effect, may be because it takes longer.

Any idea how to get ride of this?


Max/MSP 5.1.9
OSX 10.6.5
OSX 10.5.8

Nov 09 2011 | 7:20 pm

Make sure that Options > Overdrive is checked.

Nov 10 2011 | 3:01 am

yeah perfect!


is it possible to set "overdrive" active by default for a standalone application?

Nov 10 2011 | 3:08 am

got it

banging a message with "; max overdrive 1"

Nov 10 2011 | 4:21 am


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