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running itunes through max

Mar 25 2009 | 6:34 pm

Hello there, I’m both new to the forum, and new the world of MAX/MSP. Still learnin’ the basics even!

Anyway, I wanted to know if there was a way I could get audio feed from my itunes library to run through different max patches, so I could manipulate the audio in MAX in real time. So, instead of saving specific files in a buffer, I could set itunes to shuffle, and do live effects tweaking depending on what itunes picked for me.

I’m really horrible at explaining my ideas, so if that was particularly unclear, let me know…

Thank you for any help you might be able to give me!

Mar 25 2009 | 6:42 pm

If you are on Mac, use SoundFlower to route audio from any application to any other one. Free.

Mar 25 2009 | 6:44 pm

You can route audio from one application that your computer is running into max using programs like soundflower (available from c74) or jack ( and you can manipulate the audio just like you would from an [sfplay~] or [play~] and [buffer~] combo.


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