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saitek x52 not working correctly in windows xp?

Feb 05 2009 | 12:33 pm

my MBP screen has got some strange blurry spots wich need to be repared so i’m working on getting my patch to work on my old windows xp laptop.
everything works except my joysticks (saitek x52). the data isn’t read consiquently and it differs from what’s read in max on OSX (wich shouldn’t be a big problem but is noticeble).
also some knobs are falling out sometimes (leds are inactive and nothings read from them by max anymore).

is there maybe someone who uses this or something alike on windows who can help me? i’m quite desperate ’cause i’ll have to miss my MBP for two weeks and i have 3 rehearsels and an optional gig in the meantime.

(i did download the saitek drivers and software from their site but this doesn’t seem to help. also tried different usb ports and rebooting a bunch of times but it all doesn’t weem to help.

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