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sampler help

Aug 21 2010 | 10:24 pm


I’m very new to samplers, and it’s been days I’m crawling the web to find a good one.
I did learn a lot of things on them, but I really think i need a little help from you guys…

I’d use the sampler for an ambient patch, and I’m mainly interested in pianos, world instruments and pad/leads
I need it to be stable, light and with good sound quality.
I’m going to control more than instrument at a time, and I’d like to have instrument-editing functions.

Do you have any suggestion?
Thanks a lot for any tip

PS i donwload gazillions of soundfonts for [fluydsynth], but then, listening to GarageBand piano made me think i really want a sampler with rich sounds for my this project ;-)

Aug 23 2010 | 6:44 pm

"Sampler" is a very general term. But going by what you’ve written, I’d say that looking at the [groove~] object is probably what you want…

To build the sampler, you’ll definitely want to go through the tutorials for Max and MSP(and also get familiar with how the scheduler and audio-thread(s) work together), see the far right panel here:

essentially, what you want to do is to read the Max tutorials first, then the MSP tutorials working up to MSP Tutorial 14, of course reading beyond that so that you can have a full palette before you start to create:

After that, what you can do is try things out, post what you try out here, and people can guide you further based on your work.
Hope that helps.

Aug 23 2010 | 7:05 pm

thanks for the reply,

i think i was not claer at all in my post. My fault.
I am actually looking for an *external* application I can control through MIDI outputs from Max.
Things like Kompakt, MainStage, Independence, Repaer, Soundstage… to name a few.
I’ve tried a few, and was asking what do you think, based on your experience. Not a poll, but near… ;-)
it was just a very *sample* question, after all, I was wondering why nobody was respoinding *_*

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