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Save Settings in Builded Max.exe Application

Oct 19 2011 | 10:43 pm


i´ve build a sampler-tool with max… But in Application(buildet standalone tool, xy-.exe) mode i can´t save settings and sounds…

What to do?


Oct 21 2011 | 2:28 pm

No real quick or simple way to do this, from my experience.

As a stand alone, the strategy I’ve used is a having a number of coll objects. To save the values/ parameters of your track, I would bang in the values/ parameters to be compiled into a designated coll. To re-call your values/parameters you can have a read message that will re-load the values of the coll when you open the "track". This takes a bit of thought, as you have to consider the file paths of your data and making your computer know where to look for the files, so using opendialogue and closedialogue objects are necessary. But it is possible.

I’ve experimented with several versions of my patch as a stand-alone just to see what happens when I make my computer open a single "track" file and have it load a bunch of preset values for different coll objects and values I’ve set.

You can also have the presets object that will make a "screen shot" of all the positions or values on your Max window and have it saved as a preset; it will embed saved presets (through object inspector) within the patch. Though there are limitations to that since your patch so supposed to be a stand alone.

For the moment, I can’t upload a patch-as-text example as I’m not at my native computer. If you would like this, please let me know.

Hope this helps.

PS, I use an antiquated version of Max 4.3 as I have an antiquated computer.

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