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Saving the patcher automatically?

June 17, 2008 | 6:17 pm

I get crashes rather often with Max5, well i know it’s always like this a software version numbered like X.0x. Usually, i wait more time to buy a software, for a more stable version but… i just can’t go back to max4 after trying max5! Now max4 is looking so old and sad and etc.

So, can i do something in the patcher in order that it saves itself automatically every 4 minutes ?


June 17, 2008 | 9:30 pm

Ok i found: "write" -> [thispatcher]

But is there a way to ask max if the patcher window have a dirty bit or clean bit ??
(in order to stop saving the patcher every 4 minutes if nothing changes for a long time)

Thanks a lot,

June 18, 2008 | 9:24 am

theres probably a better way to do it, but one way i can think of to see if anything changed is by using the [filein] object to read the max patch as text, then compare lengths of the file, if the length changes, then save it. actually you could probably easily do this for most apps with applescript…

June 18, 2008 | 10:07 am

try this mxj class…

…a bit rough but works.

June 18, 2008 | 10:32 am

June 19, 2008 | 7:29 pm

thank to all,

thanks martin, then i put this in my own mxj patcher object :

public void testdirty() {
MaxPatcher p = this.getParentPatcher();
outlet(1, "testdirty", p.getWindow().isDirty() ) ;


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