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scope~ problem.

Feb 08 2006 | 4:16 pm

scope~ does not seem to be producing any graphical output anymore. I literally booted up as normal and it’s stopped working. My friend who owns the computer mentioned that he had performed a cleanup which involved the removal of some Java installation, possibly the SDK or the Runtime. I don’t know if this affected it, but it was working fine before.

Has anyone had a problem similar to this, or know of any reason why this might happen?

Feb 08 2006 | 4:55 pm

I have noticed this problem as well. If I start max,
then bring up the scope~ help file. It does not work.
And yes I selected wave input.


Feb 09 2006 | 3:29 pm

Anybody else experiencing this isssue?

Feb 09 2006 | 4:05 pm

What’s your signal vector size? Scope~ doesn’t do anything (it seems) if
it’s set to 1.

Feb 09 2006 | 4:55 pm

AH HA! My vector size IS 1! Wich leads to the question,
what should my vector size be?


Feb 09 2006 | 6:04 pm

On around Feb 9, 2006, at 17:55, said something
> what should my vector size be?

Depends on what you want. Discussed at length in Getting Started.

Short answer: for many purposes 256 or 512 are good compromises.

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Jan 24 2017 | 9:04 am

No veo nada en el objeto scope porque nos funciona alguien sabe algo??

Jan 24 2017 | 9:49 am

it should display something as soon as you turned audio on.

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