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February 22, 2010 | 7:40 pm

Hi poeple,

I am trying to build a resonator using [resonator~] from CNMAT and SDIF files. I basycally want to use the informations included in the files (freq, gain, decay) to parameter the resonators.

But, I am not able to get these information as I get message : No Frames found with StreamID.

I tried with different sdif files made from AudioSculpt and SPEAR, but both tell me the same.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advince
(and sorry for all these awfull mystakes!)


February 23, 2010 | 8:07 pm

Both AudioSculpt and SPEAR generate SDIF files that are intended for sinusoidal resynthesis. Currently, the only analysis front end to resonators~ is ResAn, which is part of the Diphone application. There are some tutorials on this stuff as part of the CNMAT Max/MSP/Jitter Depot here:

Download the big package and search for "spectral tutorials"


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