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SDK506: How to define content of menubar from external in C

Mar 09 2009 | 3:49 pm

I want to define the menus of my app (from collective) from a C external.
In the maxpat, this data is saved such as:
"save" : [ "#N", "menubar", 4, 0, ";", "#X", "about", "A", "propos", "de", "test", ";", "#X", "closeitem", ";", "#X", "end", ";" ]

But in C, I’m not able to set an atribute "save" to menubar.
object_attr_setparse(localobject,gensym("save")," #N menubar 4 0 ; #X about A propos de test ; #X closeitem ; #X end ; ");

I tried different solutions, but nothing… How can I do?

Best regards

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