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seeking help with multiple objects: proper depth mapping & shading

Apr 01 2012 | 6:34 pm

New to max.
I am attaching my patch.
First I want to point out (for unknown reasons) you must click on both of the yellow reset buttons to get to where I want you to start from.

I have 2 objects in the external display window. My main problem is that when you pull one over into another it starts to drag this second object, rather than hovering above or below it like it should be in a 3D environment?. I want the objects to appear behind one another with the proper shadowing to cast from the foremost object onto the object in the back. I also do not want the objects interacting with each other when colliding (besides casting the shadow). Meaning if i click on the red shape and drag it past the yellow, I do not want the yellow to be moving because I did not click on it to start.

I have been working up to making a patch to display on a smart wall here in the main gallery lobby in my university. I want to be able to have multiple objects that can be moved and manipulated independently by using the screen as a mouse. Multiple gestures will be another issue later down the road I’m sure.

I have solved a lot of my own issues but this one seems a little too in-depth to tackle myself, and my professor does not have much more than an hour a week to help me.

Take a look, I appreciate any advice, tips, or patches with points of reference to my task at hand.

Apr 02 2012 | 8:07 pm

maybe you will have better luck with in autohandle mode.
simply instantiate a object with no connections to any objects. make sure you remove the other two handles from the patch.

otherwise, i’m planning to implement some support for setting priority of gl.handle objects in a future update.

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