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Selecting nodes…am I blind?

Dec 19 2007 | 7:23 pm

I tried searching the Max Fundamentals manuals with no luck on quick ways to select objects.

Is there a hotkey to select an entire incoming network of an object? an outgoing network?

For example, in Shake, you can select a node (aka. object) type shift-U and everything coming into that node is selected. Type shift-uparrow to move your selection up a node, etc. I there an easy way of navigating and selecting nodes in Max that I’m missing? I hope I’m not just blind to what’s right in front of me, but quickkeys for selections makes untangling those spaghetti networks much easier.

One other thing that would be nice is some sort of autosnap tolerance/distance for connecting nodes. U.S. Animation (now called Toonboom) has a feature where it autosnaps in nodes. For example, you have a file read node connected to a scale node. Well, if you drag a color adjust node inbetween the two other nodes, it automaticaly connects the ins and outs so just by dragging the node near the network, the network "consumes" the node by making the proper connections. Sort of like the Reactable project done with processing (and max?). Maybe Max 5? :)


Dec 19 2007 | 9:27 pm

Pretty interesting ideas, I didn’t know those programs used tools like that, though they seem logical to include (maybe in a certain mode, so the feature could be disabled). It’s hard to imagine implementing them in Max, I think it would cause too much confusion with the auto-connect based on distance—also, which outlet to which inlet? However, the "selection-browsing" idea is interesting, it could probably be done with javascript, but I don’t know if it would be less work than manually selecting with the mouse.

Speaking of clever javascript, you should check out LeCaude’s Max Toolbox, if you haven’t. Makes a lot of the connecting, sending messages, etc. stuff a lot easier. The code might give some ideas for roll-your-own auto-connecting, or auto-selecting, if you’re into it.

You could create something similar in your *actual* interface, based on object position, mouse position, dragging, etc. (using thispatcher and mousestate, among other things, or do it all in LCD or GL). Like a synth that lets you drag around the parts and their distances determine whether they’re attached and how strong the effect is… Pretty straightforward with some planning and some distance math. But you’re asking about it happening in the editing mode itself… I for one can’t help ya there ;)


BTW that Reactable is freaking awesome!! Maxers, do yourselves a huge favor and check it out:

Dec 19 2007 | 10:22 pm

The connection stuff would be cool, I saw the MaxTools, but haven’t tried it out yet. I’m still learning the basics so I don’t want to get too ahead of the objects that come with Max.

The navigating the network, selecting branches of the network stuff would be cool, and I think everyone would like that, even those who hate round corners. :)

This weekend, I had copied and pasted a patch into another patch, but every time I would paste it, I’d get a bowl of spaghetti. So I was hoping there was some way of selecting a everything feeding into a node (upstream), or everything attached to the outgoing connections (downstream).

I hope someone from cycling sees this and find a quick easy way to implement it in Max5. :)

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