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Sep 01 2011 | 7:00 pm

Hi I have recently set up a sample bank and software company. We are releasing artist sample banks, we already have a sample bank from Ross Orton producer and writer of MIA’s Galang and produced Tricky, Toddla T and more and is currently working with The Arctic Monkeys on their B-sides. I Monster are also currently creating a sample bank through us. We are currently selling Virtual Drum Electro Pro V1.1 but are making version 1.2 as we speak (both made with Max 5). The new version now allows you to load in signal effects (rather than having the built into software) and we have decided to start giving the software away for free on V1.2’s completion. Due to this we are also making it open source this means you can create your own signal effects for Virtual Drum Electro Pro and sell them from your own website and have a link to your effects on our site. We dont want any commission from your sales as we will be working with artists to develop effects with them. So we plan to get our revenue from both artist effects and sample banks. We already get a lot of traffic to our site and will get much more once we start giving the software away for free. If you would like to start creating effects for Virtual Drum Electro Pro and either selling them or even giving them away, please contact me at here is a link to our site We will be changing the site quite a lot once the new software is completed (in about a week). Don’t be tempted to buy the software because as I say it will be Free soon anyhow.

Thanks Lee

Sep 03 2011 | 12:11 pm

Sounds interesting. I downloaded the demo from your site and it looks pretty cool. Rather frustrating that I cannot access all the features and at first I could not get it to work. Then I found your youtube channel through your site and realized that I had to turn on the DSP and draw and envelope etc… bit weird that?

Anyway, I am new to Max and have not made anything with it yet. I think the first think that I will make is a patcher for your software. I may need a lot of help learning, so expect to get emails from me. Do you have any help videos on how to make pachers for virtual drum?

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