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sending commands to [serial] for a Kramer VS-606

Jan 30 2007 | 6:15 am

Hello. I’m trying to figure out how to control a Kramer VS-606 video switcher from Max.

I have the switcher connected to my macbook via a keyspan USB USA-19HS connector. I’m reasonably sure I have the switcher’s DIP switches set properly, and the serial object set up right (9600 baud, no parity, 8 data bits, one stop bit). I can see the light flash on the Keyspan adapter when I send commands.

The video mixer, however, is not responding. The manual’s documentation of the serial command set says this:

Examples how to use the protocol:

1) To connect input 6 in machine 2 to output 5, set the byte as below:
First byte – 00(hex) + ADDRESS(hex) = 00 + 02 = 02(hex).
Second byte – 80(hex) + COMMAND = 80 + 05 = 85(hex).
Third byte – 80(hex) + DATA(hex) = 80 + 06 = 86(hex).


… I am not sure how to send hex commands to [serial], however. should I use a message box to send the numbers [02 85 86], or do I need to use something like [sprintf %x %x %x]?…

In any case, nothing I have tried has worked. If anyone has any tips on doing this sort of thing (or better yet, any example patches for working with this equipment!) I would be quite forever grateful.



Jan 30 2007 | 3:25 pm

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