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Sending MIDI over OSC .. am i doing this right ?

Dec 06 2011 | 11:20 am


i am pretty new to Max and Max 4 Live and i wonder if someone here could have a look at my patch and see if i didn’t mess up … maybe i forgot some steps or something can be simplified ?

What i find a bit weird with this setup is that this outputs several channels: pitch, velocity and note, i was expecting ‘event’data, so for each note played on the keyboard a ‘note on’ and a ‘note off’ event, both having three paramteres: pitch, velocity and channel .. this is how i know it from MIDI so i’m a bit confused with the data now coming in as separate ‘channels’ where all the pitches and velocities are on separate channels instead of being sent as parameters of a note on/off event …

What i wanted to do also, is to have the possibility to set the prepend OSC adress and IP adress from the interface directly in Live so i can use instances of only one patch, for the moment i am using several .amxd files with hardcoded adresses which is a pain to manage.

thx for any help and/or advice with this

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