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Serial Connection Woes

Jun 11 2010 | 5:27 pm

I’m having some strange inconsistent results getting serial communication to work with the Arduino Duemilanove and Max/Msp v5.1.4

I have 5 different arduino boards and am not able to get communication working consistently.

Currently I am using the patch/sketch from the Max tutorial section to debug. 2 of my boards are consistently working, while three are consistently causing trouble.

I am sending a "port a" message to the serial object to begin communication… on the boards that work an LED will flash, and everything works fine. On the boards that are not working I am getting no visual feedback (although my computer is telling me it has made a serial connection).

At this point I send an integer to the arduino over serial… the working boards begin sending back the stream of data, the boards that are having problems have the RX light go off letting me know it has received that data, but the TX light does not react, and no data is being sent over serial.

All the boards that are not working are working fine using the Arduino Serial monitor.

What is going on here?

Aug 19 2010 | 5:02 pm

I’m having a similar Serial problem. I have functioning code running on a Intel Mac Mini (w/ Max 5.1.4, Arduino Duemilanove).

Then I transferred the functioning code to a different MacMini PPC, and the serial doesn’t connect ? It tells me the port is there, and it sees it, but it won’t connect ?

For a test I return the Arduino setup to the first machine, and it works fine ? Then back to the second machine, and it doesn’t work?

Is there another trick to force the serial port to hook up ?
Or is there something that can interfere with a serial port ?

Any thoughts ?

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