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Aug 20 2009 | 10:13 pm


The nchans message that sfrecord~ takes doesn’t seem to do anything, even in the help patch. If I change the values it is sending, sfrecord~ still seems to record a 2 channel audio file (if i do not provide sfrecord~ with a default channel number it records a mono file). Does anyone know how to use the nchans message with sfrecord~ to dynamically prepare a single sfrecord~ object to be able to record files of specified numbers of channels?

Also, if one is dynamically deciding between multichannel file formats, is there a way to change the buffer size of the sfrecord~ object with a message? I don’t see it documented, but it seems like it would be necessary for recorded files of 9 or more channels. I am unclear on the need for disk buffer specification with sfrecord~, possibly somebody has some experience in this regard?

thanks so much for your help,

Aug 21 2009 | 9:52 am

hi – i tried using the nchans message out of curiosity (i’ve never used it before) and it worked fine for me. i tested with both .wave and .aiff changing from stereo to mono. the ‘nchans 3’ message wont add another inlet if your initial channel argument is 2 of course, max objects don’t generally work like this. you’d need to initialize with the maximum amount of channels you are likely to need, and then ‘work down’ if necessary.

re: diskbuffer size – i don’t think you can set it with a message, but you might try sending the ‘record $1’ message to record for longer than the default.. not ideal, i know (and i didn’t try as it would take 32 mins to find out)

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