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shameless plug for free album done w/ 100% max/msp!

Oct 08 2010 | 2:51 pm

i am very pleased to announce my new solo release ARCTIC OSCILLATIONS, my first solo release in 7 years, and it’s FREE!!!

13 tracks of solo computer music:

To download or listen online, follow the link to the label and click on the pic of my record

all music by me via max/msp, recorded back in 2007-2008
artwork by Richard Garet

it’s free ‘cuz i want it to be, but if for some insane reason you feel like donating via paypal, you can send money to

Share and enjoy!
luv, chu

Oct 08 2010 | 4:26 pm

We need a separate section for shameless plugs

Oct 08 2010 | 4:30 pm

nice. will check it out.
thank you for the music!

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