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Sharing a teacher and set up a course in Barcelona or Madrid?

Dec 25 2010 | 10:47 pm


Anyone else who wants to share the costs of a teacher and set up a course in MAX/JITTER in beginning of 2011?

I live in sweden and have been through all of the tutorials in max and some in Jitter.

I was thinking of going to Barcelona or Madrid (or maybe Porto even) cause I like those cities.

Im not fluent in spanish so I need to have the course in english. Anyone else who want to get away for a month or so, hang out and practice MAX and JITTER?

Could be fun! Would be a good start of a network as well.

Im working in a culture centre in Gothenburg, Sweden and suddenly I got some time and maybe go somewhere and attend a course like this.

contact me here in the forum if you like to get together and put up a course and share the costs of a teacher.


/ Per

Dec 26 2010 | 9:50 pm

ok, since it might be a bit of short notice. If anyone should be interested in this further on. contact me and maybe we can find something.

you find my contact details on my webpage:

/ Per

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