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[sharing info to help with max and midi] – behringer fcb1010

Feb 09 2011 | 2:54 pm

hello all,

just some info i wanted to share with you on a very helpful program for the behringer fcb1010.
i have been recently getting a live set ready for my band, and using the fcb plus a number of other controllers to help with the music. the only problem is that the behringer at first can be a little fiddly. though after some time, you can get what you want.
plus since the guitarist/singer uses the pedal it has to be as easy for him, since he knows absolutely nothing about programming midi etc.

BUT, this program does cut down a stupid amount of time you would spending clicking on the controller and getting the settings right through max etc.
it is called iFCB [for MAC OS X] made by the cats at ‘wabbit wanch’

basically it allows you to program your fcb to the desired setting and cc numbers you need on a helpful screen/easy screen.
if you have used hardware before, you can load up the sysex settings from the program to the controller with no problem, and the information is helpful and detailed.

im not a seller of this program nor the creator, but felt i needed to tell the max crowd as a few of you do use this controller often. :D

lewis edwards

Feb 09 2011 | 3:11 pm


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