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[sharing] N-CHAN flexible multichannel clippings

Oct 30 2011 | 4:34 pm

N-CHAN is a suite of VIZZIE-style clippings providing quickly-accessible and flexible tools for multichannel audio use. It comprises a series of modules which offer commonly-needed functionality (input/output, record/playback, routing, multichannel panning and basic processing (more to follow)) along with some others which offer sound design possibilities (sampling and granulation). Each module accommodates 1-32 channels (the number of inputs/outputs is user-definable upon calling each clipping—i.e. the modules build themselves) and is designed to be easily integrated into an existing patch.

N-CHAN was developed for my own and students’ use, and is early beta version at the moment (i.e. sometimes a bit buggy), but still reasonably well developed (I shall notify of future updates/additions to the suite) and I thought I’d make it more widely available in case anyone else is interested.

This release includes an update of ORBIT (much improved and considerably more flexible, I think) and a new release of PLODE (multichannel granulation). CLATTER will follow shortly.

Please visit for more information.

Best wishes,



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