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[sharing stuff found on my harddrive-one] patches of know-how.

Dec 31 2010 | 5:31 pm

alright people,

been looking at de-cluttering my computer of pointless files, old sessions that went nowhere and patches that are not needed, not many to throw out though as i like nearly all of them :D
so dont know how many i will be posting in the end, but will keep doing so until i cant do anymore.

so while looking at a folder i have of downloaded patches from other peoples creations, i came across one which has some useful patches, which give some basic info on useful objects. i think they would be good for ‘first timers’ looking to see what happens with some of the objects, not all though.

i dont know who originally created these, so sorry that i cant give a shout out for these.
anyhow, enjoy and have a great new year and 2011.

lewis edwards

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