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shoutcast~ versions

Aug 22 2008 | 9:41 am

Hi to all maxers,

I’m looking to use Olaf Matthes’ shoutcast~ but I’m [still] on Max
4.6.3 and [still] on a PPC machine..
The only versions I could find on the web are either for 4.5 or for
4.6 Intel …

Am I missing something? (Mr Matthes?)
If not, does someone know of any other [PPC or UB] object able to
stream mp3 or AAC encoded audio in the same way?

Many thanks.


Aug 22 2008 | 8:32 pm

I’m writing completely ignorantly about this but you might be able to take the 4.5 version and run it in your PPC 4.6.3 version of Max. Otherwise, I think universal binaries run on PPC fine don’t they? so maybe you could just take the intel version and try it if it’s a UB(maybe it isn’t UB, though)? i guess i don’t really know for sure, so i’m sorry if I’m all ignorant about it but at the very least this should bump the attention back up to this thread so someone in the know might see it quicker and respond better.

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