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Smoke machines->DMX hub->Max

May 17 2006 | 10:59 am

On 17 May, 2006, at 11:41, f.e wrote:

> Is it possible ? Do we have to buy the special DMX addon they sell
> (187 Euros each !!!!!) or could we do the cables ourselves (removing
> the remote control), then buy something from LANBOX ?
> How Landbox works, by the way ? what about the maxMsp integration ?
I have used lanbox on many occasions to drive various DMX stuff – very
easy to use and reliable. But your machines will need DMX input – not
sure if the "special DMX addon" for these is necessary – do they not
take DMX as they come? If not, then you will need the addons as well!



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May 17 2006 | 4:13 pm

For sure you can not wire it directly. The unit doesn’t have DMX
built in. You can either buy their controller, or try to build your own.

If you try to build your own this info might be interesting.

from the specification pages:

" 0-10v input
Use remote Din socket Pin 2 GND and Pin 5, 0-10v input. This pin
needs 1.5v to heat the machine and 2-10v to run the pump when up to
working temperature. "

This needs to be checked – try to measure the output from the remote
using multi-meter. It seems that if you connect voltage between 2-10V
between pins 2 and 5 you can control the amount of smoke (level knob
on a remote unit). My guess is that some of the pins is 10V power
coming from the unit, supplying power for the remote circuits.

You could use some of the cheap MIDI to analog interfaces, like
Miditron or the french one (nice little company in Paris, Z –
I would use 3 digital outs per each smoke machine, connect some
relays, small variable resistors and 10V power supply (one of the
remote pins probably already sends power, so you might end up using
this instead of external power supply) . This way you could trigger
each fog machine as long as you choose, using one of the three preset
smoke levels.

The other possible problem is the length of control wires….. This
should be discussed with the manufacturer of the MIDI to analog

If you want DMX, not MIDI, you should search for DMX to digital
output interfaces, or DMX to relay interfaces. The one i used is although it
might be overkill for what you need.

I can not help you much more, because i don’t know the specifics of
the interface, but if you choose DIY approach, I might help you a
little bit more using some of the previous designs i used.


people from this group might help you some more

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