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smooth motion

Sep 20 2008 | 7:58 pm

Hello all!

I am working on a patch that uses jit.wake as a process on a short movie, and when I use qmetro at a rate of 166 to run the video/patch, it looks great–the feedback blooms really slowly, lingers, then fades away. My problem with this is, naturally, the .mov video also runs in a fragmented sort of way, which is distracting. If I use metro or even qmetro at a higher framerate, the videos look smooth and great, but the jit.wake runs too quickly.

Is there any way I can control these two elements separately? Come to some middle ground? I’ve tried slowing down rate, tweaking numbers, but I haven’t found a solution that keeps the slow jit.wake but smoothes the mov.
Any advise is greatly appreciated.


Sep 25 2008 | 8:48 pm

Hi Anna,


Sep 30 2008 | 4:03 pm

Okay, thanks for the interest. I understand that running the qmetro at 166 doesn’t seem smooth, but when it’s being processed by jit.wake, the motion is quite smooth looking. The problem is that if I run the qmetro at, say, 100, the video speeds up and becomes even more smooth (less of the slight jerking that you can see if you’re looking for it), but the wake object, because it is receiving more data, doesn’t perform as I would like it to. In essence, I want jit.wake to be getting the information more slowly because of the effect it creates, but smooth the motion of the video. Do you understand why this is a problem? If I speed up the qmetro the video smoothes, but jit.wake performs undesirably. If I keep it slow, it looks slightly jerky, but the effect is more desirable. I will attach the patch if that helps.

I’m not sure there is a workaround for this problem, as solving one side worsens the other, but I appreciate the interest and help!


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