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Snake game on a Matrix?

Feb 11 2012 | 3:34 pm

At the moment I am working at 6×8 Matrix of 5W 24V lights for an light installation. Every light can be dimmed with 255 steps.
The animations are created in MAX (later maybe Quartz Composer using Syphon) and a Matrix of 6×8 pixels is sent via the serial object to the hardware consisting of an mikrocontroller and a I2C dimming IC.
These technical features may be interesting but the reason for my post is that I think it would be cool to play a very simple version of the well known snake game on the matrix.

Maybe someone has an idea how to make it?

I am also interested in 2D fading effects for an jit.matrix.
Any idea how to realize it? I am not the fittest in creating animations made of math functions.


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