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some new Fantastick stuff

May 26 2011 | 9:46 am

I tried posting to the forum at tenderapp, but it seems like there’s not a lot of activity there (yet), so in the mean time forgive me for reposting here:

Fantastick seems to save state between launches, which has advantages and disadvantages (I think some were discussed here about two years ago). Disadvantage includes things like starting the app, ending it, changing the host name in prefs, then relaunch the app and it is still trying to look up the old host. The only way I could get it to look for the new host was to reboot my iPad. This is only moderately tedious once you figure it out, but one has to work it out (didn’t see this documented anywhere, so possibly it’s a bug in FS 2.4 on iPad w/iOS 4.2.1)

It also seems that Fantastick only sends a ‘FantaStick init’ message on the first launch after reboot. Again, if you change your patch and want to respond to the init message, you’ve got to reboot the iPad. This is really not fun. Sometimes FantaStick does start a new session (send init message), but I haven’t worked out what the trick is.

So, is there a way to reliably force FantaStick to do a real new start rather than try to continue a previous session?

This may be something with the iPad multi-processing model that I haven’t deduced yet.

May 26 2011 | 10:59 pm

Hi Peter,

I answered your question in the tenderapp forum:



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