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Mar 15 2007 | 11:21 pm

Hi list,
I had a look on the previous posts and couldn’t find a solution… hope anyone can help.
I have a sony vaio that has a usb IR remote control. I used "hi" as suggested on other posts, but still not working.I don’t get the option on my devices menu.I, just in case, put some of my games controls on it and worked well. Joystick works well and racing wheel also working well.
I also checked the usb class of my remote control as suggested on other posts and is all according with the correct spec to work with "hi". Class 03 and HID.
Please can anyone give me some light?
Thanks very much


Mar 16 2007 | 11:39 am

You based on PC, right ??
It appear that Windows make a selection of HID devices.
Game controllers are often recognize but other like keyboard, mouse or IR devices don’t …
Is somebody have an idea to make these devices recognize by the hi object ??

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