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SoundFlower configuration with custom input

Aug 11 2011 | 2:37 pm

Hello there,

First of all, thank you for this incredible product as it is the only one which (almost) allows me to get what I want.

What I need:
I have Pro Tools on Mac on one side and Cubase on Windows via Parallels Desktop on the other side (this all within the same computer).
I need to work with the first and send the master output to the second while only hearing that master output going out from Cubase with as minimum latency as possible.
So far so good, here is the configuration:

-I go the "audio midi setup" of MacOSX and choose to agreggate the SoundFlower 2ch and my Fireface (28ch)
-I go to "System Preferences" and select "SoundFlower 2ch" as main input and output of the mac

Pro Tools:
-I go to Pro Tools and set the "Playback Engine" to "Soundflower 2ch"
-I set my master channel output bus to "SoundFlower 2ch"

Parallels Desktop:
– I go To Parallels Desktop and set "SoundFlower2ch" as input and "Pro Tools aggregate" as output

Cubase on Windows:
-I go to Cubase and set Asio4all as device driver
-I create a stereo track, push its record and monitoring button

And, voilà!, I can work on Pro Tools and hear only the audio that goes out from Cubase while mixing on Pro Tools.
It’s magic and it is exactly what I want when it comes to mixing.
The problem comes when I try to record…

What I can’t get is the ability to record my instruments that I plug into my Fireface physical inputs, whatever the input, even the first and second which should logically work by default (but most of the time I use the 11th and 12th physical input of my Fireface)…

I presumed that, in order to allow to use more than two input channels, I had to use "SoundFlower 12ch" instead of "sound Flower 2ch" in my configuration but whatever I do, I can’t get a signal to enter inside Pro Tools and exit from Cubase.
Seems like everything is fine if I only use the SoundFlower 2ch but that’s all I would get.

Can someone tell me how I can manage this?
Any solution or workaround?

Thank you very much!

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