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Soundflower on GOOGLE??

Nov 16 2010 | 8:18 pm

I truly hate the idea of signing up with Google to get one simple question answered about Soundflower. They behave in an amoral fashion that bugs me.

I can’t find a way to monitor Soundflower when I record in Logic 8. When I can hear the input through my USB interface, it lays down no audio. If I switch THAT, I can’t hear the signal. When I set it up as instructed, with Soundflower being the in and out, this is what its done. I have tried several things to no avail. I appreciate the app being there, but I am tired of chasing fixes for fussy ones that simply won’t run more directly. Should I just give up and look elsewhere? What’s the workaround here?

Nov 17 2010 | 4:17 pm

Can’t you route the soundflower channels to your soundcard with the help of Soundflowerbed? This application is normally installed in your Applications’ folder.


Nov 17 2010 | 10:32 pm

Of course, Soundflowerbed is what I am USING. I’m asking for the correct routing, as described above, from someone who has gotten it to work properly.

I went HERE

and HERE

followed it all to a T aand… no signal in Logic. If the instructions fail you, what then? They are very simple, so why am I unable to get an audio signal?? I don’t want to give up without exploring it, but the results make no sense here. I can hear the signal through my USB interface, but it isn’t reaching the track I set up in Logic. Suggestions?

Dec 15 2010 | 8:20 pm

I also have problems with Soundflower that seem pretty similar to yours. I have a Presonus Firestudio interface that has a software mixer called Universal Control that is overall pretty disappointing. My goal is to have a microphone go into the Firestudio and to Logic (to record a dry signal) and then into MAX/MSP to process and back into Logic to record the wet signal. Logic will either use Soundflower or the Universal Control driver, but not both. Universal Control won’t rout a DAW output to one of its own inputs. My general hypothesis is that Soundflower won’t work with any Logic/interface combo, as Logic requires that you choose the interface as its audio driver. I hope this insight helps a little, and if anyone knows how to configure the setup I described above, please let me know!

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