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Source code for New Hadron synth

Jul 12 2011 | 7:16 pm

There is a new granular synth out from Partikkel Audio that uses Max For Live for its UI and CSound~ for its synthesis engine. It is a free download and an open source project – the reason that I’m posting this here is that the source code makes for some interesting reading. (The fact that you can even consider combining a table-driven CSound instrument with Ableton’s realtime synthesis is pretty amazing to an oldtimey geezer like me.) Both the CSound source and the M4L patch are tidy and readable.

I suspect that the lack of control over specific synthesis parameters might make the synth itself less interesting to some of you, but the details of the integration are still interesting to skim, especially if you are trying to integrate existing engines into your projects.

Thanks to the Partikkel Audio guys for making this resource available! Look forward to watching it evolve.

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