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speedup slowdown smooth animation

Jun 28 2007 | 7:53 pm

hi all

I’m trying to find a good solution for smooth acceleration and slow down of animated objects.
For example, I want to use the linear 0-100 output of a counter and let the values increase slowly, then faster and then slow down again.
Does anybody have a formula for that? Or is there a good external?
the slide and scale objects don’t seem very confortable for me.
Or am I just too blind to see?…


Jul 17 2007 | 4:03 pm

There’s undoubtedly many formulas that will work. A more "non-math" solution is to use the linear output of your counter as indices to access a set of points in a table (which has the same number of points as the counter range). Then you can draw your data "shape" as desired. For what you described you’d want something that looks like a "hump" or a bell-shaped curve.


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