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stand alone presets

Nov 28 2007 | 8:05 pm

hi everybody

i’m finishing my patch and i would like to build an application.

my problem is the preset file.
i use an .xml in the pattrstorage object (i’ve tried with a coll too but same problem)
and an ubumenu to add the preset’s names ok?

(pattrstorage @greedy 1 @savemode 3 @autorestore 1)

so when i build my application everything is fine, the script works well and my software is built.

if i want to add a preset i can do it,good.
but if i shout down the patch, i loose all the presets i’ve done during the working session.
in others words i have no more access to the .xml file.
I can read it but i can’t change it.

i would like to have just one file for the application and no others files to charge and to save for the presets….

there’s a way?

first time for me that i seriously work to build a collective so every ideas are welcome.

than’s a lot.


Nov 28 2007 | 9:02 pm

Working on mac, I can only share experiences concerning that platform. An app is actually a folder containing a number of items. It is possible with the message to max sendapppath to know the absolute path of the app. Once you know it’s location you read and store preset files there.


Nov 29 2007 | 12:49 am

thank’s a lot!
that’s what i was looking for!

i’m working on Mac os x too, so perfect.

but i would like to know if it works on windows too.

any idea from windows users?



Nov 29 2007 | 6:02 am

Seems to be similar on XP, the .exe is a folder with all the support and stuff. Should be able to save / read files out of there. Though the file-finding is not always as smooth as one might like.

I may be wrong but I think there’s *no way* to save new presets, tables, pattrs, colls, etc. "in the patch" in an .exe, they always need to be in a separate file of some sort. With some trickery you can have this done automatically, as well as load auto, with a standard filename you give it. But as far as I know it needs to be separate somehow. Probably this is true with programs like Audition too — it *seems* like the presets are with the app, but it just manages the file stuff behind-the-scenes and reloads them from a known place.


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