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standard plugins as patchers

Feb 03 2006 | 6:18 pm

This is a fairly silly question but one worth asking: Are any of the
standard Pluggo plugins available to look at as patchers within
Max/MSP? I have purchased Pluggo, but ultimately am interested in
using the standard plugins as jumping boards for developing my own work
and at the same time make the use of the plugins an educational
experience. This is the main reason I have avoided ‘canned’ sound
processing until now: you don’t learn a whole lot about sound
processing in using them, but on the other hand I feel as if I am
wasting a lot of time reinventing the wheel in trying to develop my own
sound processing modules in Max. If you wish to reveal your secrets in
private, you can contact me off-list: Thanks.
Justin Yang

Feb 03 2006 | 7:03 pm

Hi Justin,
While we don’t make our Pluggo source available, I recommend having a
look at the InVSTigations tutorials on the Cycling’74 website. You
should also check out the synth-building tutorials at,
the Pluggo Development Guide and all the MSP help patches. That
should give you plenty to get started with.


Feb 06 2006 | 2:51 pm

The source for the Rye plugin is available at Jhno’s share page, as an example of Tapout-based Granular syntesis….

also try searching

Feb 08 2006 | 12:05 am

… as well as the source of the percolate pluggos
which come with the plug-in distribution

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