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Struggling to make pitchbend message work with a vst~

Sep 10 2011 | 12:01 pm

I’m trying to integrate softsynths into a larger midi router patching system that I’ve created. While I finally have a design that works for me, I’m struggling to get pitchbend to work. I am (obviously) using the ‘midievent’ message with data.

In a nutshell, no matter what I send, I cannot get any vst~ to respond to PB messages.

I’m using a ‘midiin’ connected to a ‘midiparse’. If I look at the pitchbend outlet of midiparse, I note I’m only seeing a single 7-bit value rather than a 14-bit value (or two 7-bit values). Feeding those PB values into the vst~ (preceded of course by 0xE0) seems to initially cause the pitch to drop and then gets stays at the dropped value — sending subsequent pitchbend messages has no effect.

I also tried feeding ‘midiin’ into an ‘xbendin’ object which I observed did produce a singe 14-bit value. However, feeding that directly to the vst~ doesn’t work either. (I’m wondering if I need to break that 14-bit value into msb and lsb values and send a 3-byte message out)

I did search the forum but other than a few entries just talking about PB in general with vst~, I didn’t find anything that suggested a solution.

Suggestions would be appreciated.


Sep 10 2011 | 12:18 pm

Never mind —- just realized that the problem was due to my sending the coarse and fine values in the wrong order.

So for the standard 7-bit mode, I need to send

0xE0 00 vv

where vv is the 7-bit value coming in. I was sending out
0xE0 vv 00

(Amazing what a good night sleep will do)

So clearly, for the xbendin, I have to split up the 14-bit value myself.

(I’m posting this answer rather than deleting my original question just so the next person with this problem can see a solution)

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