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subscription +/-?

Nov 12 2014 | 7:28 pm

i’m not sure if i should upgrade or subscribe. how are other people deciding?

subscription is cheaper for ~1.3 yrs, so if version cycles are long…but are cycling74 going to go apple style and put out a new version every year?

seems like it’s the trend to level up versions frequently, firefox is at something like version 30+ and seems like it goes up 5 versions each time i open it. microsoft is skipping numbers…

does the subscription $ go towards a full license? i think the educational version used to do that…

i’m kinda thinking it’s likely it’ll be subscription only sooner rather than later and the upgrade is throwing money away.

dunno. sucks thinking about $$$ + financial planning. :( but i can’t afford to upgrade right now anyway. :)

ps it’d be nice (or keep me from thinking about this mundane crap at least) if people that bought gen got the upgrade for the cost of a year of subscription. :)

Nov 12 2014 | 7:49 pm

Hopefully the development pace stays within the range of the sweet-spot between the extremes. For my money (literally and figuratively), the Max upgrades that have happened since I’ve been on-board have been pleasantly *substantial*. It has not been hard for me to spot the increasing number of companies that appear to be doing more ‘raising funding’ than delivering a genuinely valuable *upgrade* (and Apple is among them– but why it does it with Mac OS is a little confusing to me). Not that Cycling’s are without issues, or that I have much of any idea what really goes on when development decisions are made (I remain an end-user). Max is not exactly analogous to a web browser (let alone a free one), in my mind, so the version-numbers don’t scare me. I think the subscription is more geared towards students who need it for a class, or those who still want to try it out, but on a little longer-term basis.

Nov 12 2014 | 8:06 pm

does the subscription $ go towards a full license?

wow, that would be really sweeeeeet!
(i’m trying to free up a credit card right now)

the way i see it, since i only need to upgrade($149… let’s just call it $150 ffs), and i’d probably use it everyday, more often than would be worthwhile to pay subscription ongoing for years, my upgrade price is probably better.
but say, someday(like around max9), i end up using supercollider for audio mostly and only need max when i need to build a jitter app for video every now and then(which, outside the subscription, i could still use for free in max runtime), then i might pay the subscription price just for the duration of building that app.

so if you are a dev who knows what they want and how to build it really quick in max, then subscription is also great(otherwise, only other reason i can think of for subscription would be to try it out longer than the free trial…)
i really doubt max8 will come out within 2 years(there’d need to be major additions so quickly to attract enough people, if AND stretch/pitchshift/retune weren’t in Max7, i’d probably have stayed at Max6, everything else is just superficial ‘frills’ to help the lazier, slower, more high-maintenance folks get used to the idea that they can use their computer for more than just web-surfing >;D)

Nov 12 2014 | 9:06 pm

"everything else is just superficial ‘frills’ to help the lazier, slower, more high-maintenance folks"

People just don’t appreciate good UX/UI. For many people, these superficial frills will positively influence productivity.

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