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Surround/Kinect/Wiimote/Jitter App for Max coming soon

Jun 23 2012 | 4:45 am

Hey all,

I’m trying to gage interest for a project I’m hoping to release soon for collaboration with the Max community. It’s a project I did over the past year for a gestural interaction for music class where I study.

The project involves the Kinect, 2 Wiimotes, Jitter/OpenGL, and surround sound (originally designed for 8.0 in octagonal and rectangular placements, but I want to add support for 5.1 and/or 7.1 depending on interest).

The main idea is using the combination of input from Kinect and Wiimotes to spatialize sound from any VST in surround (using X/Z data) and use the Y axis for modulation control. On top of this, X and Y data also generates 2.5D graphical output using an external of some old C code called Dynadraw. There are a variety of extra features included in the design, some of which have been implemented and some which haven’t. I’d definitely love some help getting some extra features implemented.

Some features that have already been implemented include rotary spatialization (releasing the A button for a noteoff and having the sound continue to spiral slower and slower for a length of time relative to arm speed at time of release), sample triggering via surges in accelerometer data in the WiiMotes, and tremolo control from shaking the WiiMote after a note has been triggered.

Anyways, I started this thread to see if there is some interest in this project and if so, the setups people have so I can prioritize completing features for those setups. I think it’s impossible to implement everything in the design in the time I have to work with so I want to focus on stuff that will actually be useful to someone.

Does anyone who is interested already have a Kinect, 2 Wiimotes, and some kind of surround setup? (and Jitter?) If so, which kind of surround do you have?

For example, it will be a fair bit easier to implement 7.1 from 8.0 by turning one of the outputs I have hooked up now into a sub out. But if no one has 7.1 and lots of people have 5.1 I’ll try and work on that instead.

I’m planning to have this initial version out by mid-July.

The project is called SoundSphere.

Jun 26 2012 | 6:26 am

Hmm, I guess it’s possible that nobody has this exact combination of hardware that’s seen this post yet.

I think surround sound isn’t really de facto in most people’s setups even after being around for so long… I just ordered the Razer Tiamat 7.1 headphones which are the first 7.1s to do it without software simulation, so for anyone who comes across this and is interested, they would be a great investment.

We had a few performances using the system in a concert hall equipped with surround and the only big issue was that the performer can’t really hear the effect from up on the stage, and putting in a 2nd surround for just the stage would really be a pain… these headphones would hopefully solve that, as the HRTF-based software simulators I’ve tried really seem to have trouble moving sound out in front of the virtual sound stage.

If anyone knows where to find some good HRTF algorithms let me know! The best I’ve found so far is the commercial VST Panorama 5, which SoundSphere will support.

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