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Swatch Object in MaxMSP

May 25 2006 | 10:27 pm

I am interested in the ‘hsl $1’ section of the following patch from the ‘Swatch Object’ help file. Please see below.

The dial connected to this ‘hsl’ section allows for scanning directly through the RGB colour scale, ignoring saturation.

Is there any way of reading this data, to allow for a dial or number box to display the current RGB setting on the output section of the swatch box rather than the 3 separate R, G and B values? So, treating the swatch area horizontally like a single plane (with numerical values of 0-127 for example).

Could someone also please explain the ‘hsl’ section of this patch and what it actually does?



May 28 2006 | 11:51 am

Hello again,

I now understand that hsl refers to horizontal, vertical and saturation elements of the swatch object. However, i’m still unable to read this information form the swatch object.

I have my RGB values coming into the swatch, with a RGB prepend set displaying the selected colour at the output stage. Now all I need are the hsl values.

Any help would be appreciated.



Mar 17 2012 | 1:10 pm


You might want to have a look at a patch I’ve posted here… if you’re still active here. I’ve been looking at similar issues.

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