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"tempo" question (object)

Dec 18 2010 | 7:02 pm

Hi there,
I am making a little sequencer patch with "tempo" (picked it up from a tutorial on vimeo).

I have a few questions about this object since I don’t really understand it. It has four inputs:
Beat multiplier
Beat divisions of a whole note

My problem lies in their interaction. When I reduce the Beat divisions from 32 to 16 (to make my pattern shorter) everything gets slower too.
I thought to compensate for that I have to adjust the "Beat multiplier" but that only destroys the pattern, as it seems to jump around quite randomly — I was trying numbers between 0. and 1 as ints above 1 make everything slower yet.

is this a completely flawed approach? am I dashing off in the wrong direction?

attached please find the part of the patch that should illustrate my problem.

Any help appreciated..!


Dec 19 2010 | 4:44 pm

Try thinking of it this way: The third and fourth inlets ("multiplier" and "divisions") are the numerator and denominator of the rhythmic value that the object will produce relative to the specified quarter note tempo ("BPM"). The object always sends out numbers 0 through one-less-than-"divisions". For example with tempo=60, multiplier=1, and divisions=4, the object will send out numbers 0-3 at the 1/4-note interval of 1000 ms. With tempo=60, beats=1, divisions=16, the object will send out numbers 0-15 at the 16th-note interval of 62.5 ms. With tempo=60, beats=2, divisions=32, the object will send out numbers 0-31 at the 16th-note interval of 62.5 ms (because 2/32 = 1/16). With tempo=60, beats=3, divisions=8, the object will send out numbers 0-7 at the dotted-quarter-note (3/8 of a whole note) interval of 1500 ms. Want triplet quarter notes? Well, there are six of those in a whole note, so beats=1 and divisions=6 will do the trick. And so on…

With that in mind, try putting in different values for the tempo, multiplier, and divisions parameters, to see the time interval and numeric output that those parameters settings produce.

-- Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. --

Dec 19 2010 | 7:31 pm

thank you very much, I will try that. currently I am revising my patch to try to make it run reliably at audiorate, so I am trying a different approach from tempo, but that is invaluable information and a very helpful examplepatch anyway!

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