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Test Tone work, then once stopped sound wont start again once reactivated.

Aug 01 2010 | 2:48 pm

I am very very new to this so forgive me if I am being stupid. I opened up the first tutorial opened up the test tone… start and it was fine… stop and it stopped……then clicked start again and nothing happened and every time i have to restart MaxMSP and each time the same thing happens again. The DSP window is registering that it is being turned on but no sound is coming out my speakers.

Any idea



Aug 01 2010 | 3:45 pm

If the following patch doesn’t work then there must be an issue with your particular hardware setup;

select and copy all of the following text then open Max and go File/New from Clipboard:

— Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. —


Aug 01 2010 | 3:52 pm

Same thing happens. It plays to begin with. Then once I click stop, If i click start again nothing happens.

Aug 01 2010 | 4:29 pm

check the Max window for any errors, like ‘…stopping due to error…’

tell us what the umenu object is populated with; the list of drivers, and which one are you using?

Aug 01 2010 | 4:31 pm

Nothing in the Max window but the DSP window registers that its being turned on again.

Aug 01 2010 | 4:42 pm

try this patch and see if the issue persists

— Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. —
Aug 01 2010 | 4:53 pm

I might try reinstalling it. It doesnt make sense why it would play….then once ive stopped it, not to start again.

Aug 01 2010 | 7:11 pm

This is the behavior of Max/MSP in demo mode. Contact Cycling 74 support to see if your install of Max is properly authorized.

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