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Three walkmen into max and record

Apr 27 2009 | 4:55 pm

Hi guys! I’m doing a school project, and the idea is to have three inputs -cassette player- going into max msp. I want to Record the input signal, then work on fx -cascades of lo pass filters and gates- and having the result out to stereo.

I’m new to max but it looks like the perfect environment for these project. If anyone got Ideas/suggestions that would be gr8!!!xxxX

Apr 27 2009 | 6:18 pm

you’ll need some kind of mixer going into your computer. could use an external sound card with enough inputs, like the motu 828, or a digital mixer like the Alesis 8 Channel Firewire mixer. use adc~ to receive these inputs. as for processing, you should first know how different effects work, or what kind of effect you want to achieve. Max allows for extremely creative processing, but it’s essential you know what it is you want to do before you begin. read the tutorials, and google "peter elsea max tutorials" – really good instructions for a beginner.

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