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tiny video redesign

May 14 2009 | 8:04 am

Hi all,

I changed the tinyVideo-example from the jitter-book. What I did so far is that the big matrix for the mesh textures is not corresponding to the grid of the mesh itself.
The texture matrix consist of 5×5 pictures (size 320×240) in a matrix of 1600 1200. So I left the size of the matrix and enlarged the pix only.
Now the way the textures are read in the gen_quad and the animante_frames is changed by me and I also commented it. My idea is to select different grid-sizes for the mesh, but you still can see the texture as if would not have changed.
That is the target so far.
unfortunatly the meshed textures are resized and I dont know why.
Do you have an idea?
Thanks for help


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