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to_texture problem

Apr 21 2006 | 10:48 pm

I’ve worked with the to_texture method in my patch for some time and it
always worked well without taxing my cpu too much. I started cleaning up
some things all over the place and now to_texture has become a big problem.
I’ve been debugging for many hours now and it’s really driving me insane.

A texture of 640×480 is already increasing my cpu from 25 to 100 and
dropping my framerate to 6fps. If I just use to_texture, without actually
drawing the texture on an object, nothing happens. Also processing it with
slabs doesn’t really change my cpu. Its when I send "texture_xxx" to a grid
or videoplane and bang it when my computer goes nuts.

Is there anyone that has experience with a situation like this or can think
of a possible reason why this could happen? I feel like an ass because it
has always worked. I know this sounds vague, and I’d post the patch if I
could but I can’t. Just hoping someone has run into this problem before…


Apr 23 2006 | 11:21 am

I finally found the little bugger after 2 days of hair pulling. By accident
I passed the jit.window dimensions to the This screws up
your cpu real bad.

The standard dimension for the videoplane is 20×20, but since I just use it
as a flat plane setting @dim 1 1 gave me a small performance boost. About 2%
on my computer for just one plane, so I you use multiple it might be worth
changing this setting.

I’ve always wondered, is there an important difference between [ @interp 0] and texturing a [ @shape


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