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TouchOSC template generator from Jamoma

Dec 27 2010 | 11:24 pm

Here is a link to a little tool I made for Max/MSP that generates default templates for touchosc for iPad from the parameter declaration of a Jamoma module in a Max/MSP patch.

TouchOSC template generator from Jamoma

For each parameter of a Jamoma module, a slider and a label is created that have the correct names, datatypes, and OSC string. That way, everything is already there, and you only have to move things around to create your layout.

Three rows of sliders (maximum of 54) will be created in alphabetical order, and as a goodie, with each change of first letter, the slider colour will be cycled in order to group sliders by function.

These patches are released as they are, mainly to show that it is possible, and because it was useful for me. It might not apply to your needs and you’ll have to tweak the patches a lot.
You also need FTM&Co. from

More touchosc tools to come on



  1. touchoscgenerated.png


Dec 28 2010 | 12:58 am

rockin!! can’t wait to try it, and hack around in the innards to see how you did the dirty work…

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